I UK [weɪt] / US noun
Word forms "weight":
singular weight plural weights
a) [uncountable] a measurement of how heavy a person or thing is
in weight:

It was about 12 pounds in weight.

lose weight (= become thinner):

Have you lost weight?

put on/gain weight (= become fatter):

Susan gained weight after her accident.

b) the condition or effect of being heavy
weight of:

The weight of the backpack made the child fall over.

Tim was stuck under the weight of the fallen tree.

2) [countable] a heavy object that is used for making another thing heavier

He tied weights to the sack and hurled it into the river.

a) a piece of heavy metal designed for lifting or throwing as a sport
b) a piece of metal that weighs a particular amount, used for measuring how much something else weighs
c) any heavy object, especially one that is difficult to lift or move

The car was not able to pull such a large weight.

3) [uncountable] the influence or importance that something has
add weight to:

A recently discovered inscription has added weight to the theory.

attach weight to:

We attach little weight to this new evidence.

carry weight (= have a lot of influence):

Simpson's opinions carry considerable weight with the President.

give weight to:

Patten was not inclined to give much weight to their judgment.

4) [singular] something that causes you trouble or difficulty

Susan now bears the full weight of running the family.

a weight off your mind (= something that you no longer have to worry about):

Obviously the verdict is a huge weight off my mind.

pull/carry your weight — to do your share of work

He wasn't pulling his weight, so he had to go.


II UK [weɪt] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "weight":
present tense I/you/we/they weight he/she/it weights present participle weighting past tense weighted past participle weighted
weight or weight down to make something heavier by putting a weight on it, especially in order to stop it from moving

He had weighted the bag with rocks.


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